When Purpose and Passion Collide

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Have you heard of grit?  I recently saw an interview with Angela Duckworth who wrote a book titled Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.  It falls in line with my beliefs, so it really fascinated me.

Bottom line, grit is described as a desire to constantly get better.  Almost an obsession with practicing and practicing until you see improvement.  In the interview, Angela describes two sources of motivation for this:

First, you have to discover and identify what your real interest is.  That makes sense.  If you are going to spend a lot of time practicing, getting feedback and improving, it has to be something that brings you satisfaction.  Something you love to do.

Secondly, Angela says you need purpose.  In other words, what do you consider meaningful in your life.  She suggests that overlapping your interest with your purpose will bring you closer to your passion.  That being said, she does recognize that sometimes reality sets in and you need to consider something like money. 

My belief, though, is that you usually find a way.  When I first started my speaking career, I did need a full time job to pay the bills, so I found one that had a flexible schedule.  Working in retail, I was able to free up my schedule so I could attend Toastmasters meetings and give presentations.  It wasn’t the best situation, but I made it work.  Now I’m lucky enough to be a Professional Speaker full time.  However, my practicing and improving are never ending. 

If you have some time, you might really enjoy watching Angela’s interview: https://binged.it/2EfyIh6.  She has a much shorter TED talk but I didn’t find that one nearly as informative.  So next time you’re driving or walking or getting ready for work, hit the play button on this link.  I think you’ll really enjoy it.

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