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Lessons I learned from the Polar Bears on my recent trip to Churchill, Canada, amaze me every day.  And I promised I would share the top three with you – so here’s the third one:


Trust who?  Mostly yourself.

In my two previous posts on Lessons Learned from the Polar Bears, I shared thoughts on focusing on your goals relentlessly, then standing your ground and not letting others shake your pursuit of your goal.   Now, learn to trust that decision and even more importantly, trust yourself in reaching that goal, in attaining that dream.

How many times have you decided to do something that’s a little difficult – lose weight, change your career, improve your relationship – and you are really committed to it!   Until you hit a hurdle, a roadblock, and instead of rolling up your sleeves and working harder, longer, you take the easier route and  quite.  You tell yourself that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

I’ve been guilty of this so many times.  After all, it’s easier to reach for that chocolate bar and tell myself I’ll start that diet tomorrow.

But the polar bears taught me to trust my instinct and find a belief in myself that is unshakable – to not give up when the journey becomes difficult.

One morning, while in Canada, we ventured out in the Polar Rover, slowly driving over the frozen tundra, when our guide spotted a mother polar bear with her very small cub.  At first, she wanted nothing to do with us, but our guide decided that we would wait and give her some time to learn to trust us.  Slowly but surely, she sauntered over to our vehicle with her cub in tow.  The mother sniffed and explored and finally decided she could trust her instincts.  In fact, she trusted us so much, that she actually laid down in front of our rover, with her cub beside her, and went to sleep.

After researching, investigating and scrutinizing, she decided to trust her instinct.  And that is my hope for you.  That when others question your belief in your dreams, and you begin to falter, that you dig down deep and learn to trust your gut.  If you fall down, get back up again.  And if you make a mess, clean it up and keep going.   That is my hope for both you and me.

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