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Six year ago I sat across the desk from a judge, finalizing the paperwork for my bankruptcy.  When I walked out the door, I owned nothing.  I had lost my car, all my savings, my home, and worst of all, my self-respect.  On paper, I was worth nothing!  And in my heart, I felt worthless.

How could this happen?  At age 61, how did I end up here?

But slowly, little by little, piece by piece, I began to scoop up the pieces and put my life back together again.  Not all the pieces fit, so I had to throw some out and replace them with something new – like a new career, a new home, and even a new husband.

It was an uphill climb, but through my friends and family, and a very supportive husband, I have regained my life. 

Now, six years later, I am in an entirely different place.  From that small bankruptcy office, I have now advanced to a life that I didn’t think was possible.  A life that is truly more fulfilled than I ever imagined it could be.

In the last six years, I’ve started my own business as a professional speaker, which brings me so much joy.  Every evening I end the day in my cozy home.  And I have found laughter again with both my old friends and even a few new ones. 

Once again I ask myself: How did I get here?

Over the years I have met people, read books, and watched movies that taught me how to develop a positive attitude.   It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight, but it DID happen.  So in the next few blogs, I’d like to share with you some of those lessons I learned.  Some of the “secrets” that helped me regain my confidence and rebuild my life.

So if you find yourself in a challenging time, tune in again next week.  You will learn some things that will help bring that smile back to your face.  And if you’re in a good place right now, I’m truly happy for you.  But even you can gain from my future lessons, because they will help enhance what you already have. 

Either way, you will learn something new and unique.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “This Game We Call LIFE”

  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing Nancy. What a comeback! So very happy for you and especially how you have used the past challenges to propel you into your new life! As I was reading this out loud to my husband, he asked if I was talking about myself 15 years ago! I didn’t go thru bankruptcy but I was divorced, with no home and no income when I moved to Madison. So, I am with you 110%. There are great lessons here and I’m glad you’ll be sharing yours! Kudos to you my friend!

  2. Nancy Depcik says:

    As I tell my story, I find that many people have experienced the same things. I’ve also found that once you overcome a major challenge, you emerge with a different attitude. You become grateful for everything that surrounds you and you don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. It’s a great place to be.

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