There’s Good and Bad in Everything

This past week-end I was going to take a “time-out”.  Yes, I was going to hit the refresh button for two full days and not feel guilty about it for one minute.  I was looking forward to relaxing, sleeping in, and just plain lounging around.

Saturday morning I am greeted by a very loud bird right outside my window at 6:00am.  Yes, 6:00 AM!!!!!!  He is so noisy and loud that he wakes me up.  UGH – how can I shut him up?  It’s driving me crazy.  Doesn’t he know this is my morning to sleep in???

I can’t go back to sleep and I’m annoyed and irritated.

That is – until I decide to flip the switch, change my mindset, or whatever you would like to call it.

I realize I can’t change his loud chirping, so I decide to embrace it.  Just like clockwork, he’s back Sunday morning at 6:00am sharp.  But this time I decide to really listen that that little rascal.  He’s not going away so I decide to “hear” him differently.

I’m amazed – this annoying noise has turned into a sweet song.  I guess you could even call it a love song.  I’m lying in bed, imagining him singing to attract the love of his life.

It’s actually very beautiful – and I decided this is a lovely way to wake up each morning.

What is irritating you right now?  What are some of the things you encounter every day that you just can’t change?  When you are faced with those annoying, “I can’t stand it anymore” situations, think about flipping the switch.  Find the good in the bad – then point your finger straight at it and say: “You can’t bother me anymore.”

If you have trouble finding the good, leave a comment.  Maybe I can help.

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2 thoughts on “There’s Good and Bad in Everything”

  1. Geryl Kramer says:

    Nancy-You mention “flipping the switch”-some call it “Doing the Hokey Pokey”-and turning yourself around

    1. Nancy says:

      I love that phrase “Doing the Hokey Pokey”. It’s a great visual – I can picture myself turning around in life to see what comes next.

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