The Story of My “Stuff”

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Stuff! I have lots of stuff all over my house. My desk is piled high with papers, my kitchen drawer is jammed packed with the latest gadgets, and my closet – well, let’s not even go there.

So, as I was dusting my cabinet the other day, moving my stuff around and swearing that I will get rid of it someday, it suddenly occurred to me:

This isn’t just stuff, it’s MY stuff. The gems I have collected along the way that tell the story of my life:

  • There’s the picture frame my brother gave me filled with photos of our childhood
  • There’s the book I found on my mother’s bedside table the last time I saw her
  • There’s the souvenir my husband and I bought on our last vacation (what a great trip!)

Every one of them tells a story and brings a memory to life. They warm my heart and bring a smile to my face. And right there, before my eyes, all that “stuff” turns into treasures that I will cherish forever.


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