The Power of Gratitude


I choose to live in gratitude.  That means being grateful for the good things that come my way, and also the not-so-good challenges of everyday life.

You notice that I use the word “choose”, because that’s exactly what you have to do.

Right now, because of the severe storms that just passed through my area, my back yard is one huge puddle.  And I can’t open my back door without being attached by mosquitoes.   I can complain and moan but at the end of the day, my back yard is still one huge puddle and I’m still eaten alive by mosquitoes.

So, I’ve made a conscious decision to “flip the switch”.  That’s what I like to call it.  When you take a good look at the negative and find something positive.  Sometimes it takes a little effort, but you can always find some good.

Today, I “flip the switch” and I find these beautiful yellow flowers in my back yard.  I choose to see the beauty that all this rain has brought.  Of course, a heavy dose of bug spray helped a LOT!

I believe that gratitude comes in three phases.  In the next three weeks, I’ll be talking about my experience with gratitude and how it truly transformed my life.  Please let me know your thoughts on gratitude – whatever they are.  I’d love your honest comments.  I’ll be happy to add some of your thoughts to my upcoming blogs.

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