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I woke up this morning, sat down to write this blog post, and….NOTHING! Even though I have a list of potential blog topics, nothing seemed to work. I couldn’t get my creative juices flowing.

I’m staying at my brother’s home near Chicago, so I turned to him and said: “Do you have any ideas”?

His only response was: “Glad I don’t have to come up with something inspirational every week. It must be daunting.”

Usually it’s not, but for some reason, I’m struggling today. So I shut off my computer, grabbed my car keys, and said: “Let’s go to Cantigny Park for the day”.

If you haven’t been there, it’s a beautiful place with lots to offer:
Gorgeous gardens
Military First Division war museum – which is small but powerful
Activities for kids
Robert R. McCormick Museum – you need reservations for the tour
Award winning golf course
And a lot more

But today I just needed to walk the trails through the Rose Garden, the Idea Garden, and the multiple trails lined with every possible flower you can think of. Spending time in the sunshine, chatting with my brother, and enjoying the day was exactly what I needed. I am now refreshed and ready to go.

There are so many times when we are plagued with deadlines, and some days our brain just needs a rest. So whether you take a quick nap, take a walk in the sunshine, or just take a time out, give yourself permission to enjoy some down time. You may be surprised at how much more you can accomplish.

And just in case you’re wondering where Cantigny Park is, you’ll find it in a Chicago suburb called Wheaton. Here’s the scoop:

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