Your Life Can Change in an Instant

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One phone call, one email, one word can change your life forever – in an instant!

So, this morning, as I sit in the waiting room of the hospital, barely breathing as my husband is in surgery, I wonder what one word or phrase or sentence the surgeon will utter when he walks up to me.  What will be the expression on his face?  The look in his eyes?

Bottom line is – I’m scared.  I’m trying to stay positive.  After all, isn’t that what I share in my presentations?  Just like I’ve told so many people in my audiences: I’m writing my gratitude list, using the word curious and envisioning every positive picture I can think of.  But it’s so hard.  This experience is too fresh; too new.  I’m right in the middle of it.  So, for now I’m going to embrace the uncertainty and believe that everything will be ok.  After all, what other choice do I have?

One thing is for certain: life will change.  The quote I share here brings me some peace.  Maybe it will help you when you face some challenging times of your life.  Here’s to being strong and believing in yourself.

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Team Nancy

Professional Speaker-Personal Development-Positive Thinking

I’m competing in a series of speech contests, and I just completed the third round of competition, winning first place. Now I have to compete in and win at three more levels to earn the title of International Speech Champion.

It’s a lot of hard work, very stressful and many times my stomach is tied up in knots.

So why am I doing this??? Good question!

I guess I don’t really know for sure, but there’s something that keeps driving me; keeps pushing me forward. It’s like I’m entering a new zone in my life. The Caution Sign and the Yield Sign have been left behind, and it’s now full speed ahead. I keep my eye on the prize and I’m not looking back.

Of course, all the attention and kudos I’m getting from my peers doesn’t hurt. When I walked into my professional speakers meeting the other day, my friend Paul had printed #TeamNancy on the back of each agenda, Jeanine left me a super touching voicemail about all the progress I have made, and Garrett sent an email with so much encouragement that it brought tears to my eyes.

So maybe that’s my answer. Getting the support of the people who share my vision is priceless. There is no judgment, no “you should have’s”, and no discouragement. Only pure joy over my victory.

As I said in an earlier post, success isn’t about money or winning trips. It’s discovering your own definition of what brings you fulfillment and what makes you truly happy in the process, then going after it with a vengeance, never giving in to what others may think or say.

So to all my friends, my husband (who is my best friend of all), and my family, I have to say thank you for allowing me this dream, for encouraging me, and for making me a winner whether I come home with a trophy or not.

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