Out of 1440 Minutes in a Day, Take 15 for Yourself

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Some days I just don’t feel like it:

  • I don’t feel like waking up to an alarm
  • I don’t feel like reading my emails
  • I don’t feel like cooking dinner

And I know I’m not the only one. Right??? Yet somehow we all find a way to push through it and get all those “supposed to’s” done.

But what if we took a “time out” whenever we needed one, even if only for a few minutes. What if we gave ourselves permission to stop, take a breath and hit the refresh button?

One thing that has helped me get over the guilt of taking breaks is that I schedule them in small chunks. Think about it. If you tell yourself you need the day off, you come up with all sorts of excuses why you don’t have the time. But can you manage 15 minutes? That would be:

  • 15 minutes to soak in the tub
  • 15 minutes to just rest your eyes
  • 15 minutes to enjoy a piece of your favorite chocolate

In fact, I think I’ve talked myself into a 15 minute break right now. I’ve almost finished the book I am reading and haven’t had time to pick it up for the last couple of days. That’s where I’m heading right now. Just 15 minutes, that’s all, and I will feel refreshed and revived and ready to face the rest of the day.


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How to Cope with the Shorter Days

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It’s 4:30 at night and already I have my headlights on as I drive home.  The sun is nearly gone, and by 6:00, it’s so dark outside that I feel like it’s time for bed.  The early darkness makes me feel confused and bored and a little disoriented.

Sound familiar???

I’ve heard so many people complain about the longer evenings, about how much they hate it.  And if I’m honest, I have to admit that I’m one of them.  However, the short days are here to stay for the next few months – and there is nothing we can do to change that. 

So, how can we deal with it?  How do we find a positive twist to something we can’t control?

As you already know, I give presentations on how to keep a positive attitude in any situation.  I often refer to “flip the switch” and offer suggestions on how to find something good in everything that surrounds us.  And as I was driving home, I found it!  I figured out a way to deal with the darkness.

There, surrounding me, around every corner, houses and yards were lit up with beautiful colors.  There were homes with red and green lights twisting around the fence; I saw a Santa’s face all lit up smiling at me;  and a snowman family seemed to wave to me as I drove past.

That’s when it dawned on me – the early darkness gives me more time to enjoy all these beautiful holiday decorations.  They light up my route as I drive home and actually make me smile.  In fact, the lovely deer pictured here greeted me as I pulled into my own driveway.  What a beautiful sight!

So now, I look forward to the darkness so I can see what new decorations are in my neighborhood.  This weekend I’m heading to Zoo Lights.  And who knows what else?

Take a look around and tell me what festive decorations surround you.  What are your favorites?  Which ones make your darkness a little brighter?

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