Find the Familiar

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I miss my mundane routines, even the ones I used to do every day and sometimes dreaded. Like running errands whenever I felt like it, buying toilet paper whether I needed it or not, talking to the cashier without a plastic shield between us.

This social distancing, time of quarantine and feeling of isolation is taking its toll on me. I grieve, yes grieve, for all we have lost. Things like touch, travel, hugging, meeting friends, and some sort of normalcy. Ah yes, remember that? Normalcy!

Think about it. Right now, we are dealing with the loss of the world we knew. So, how do we cope? How do we deal with our grief when there is so much uncertainty in our future.

Well, recently I discovered something that has helped me, even if it’s only for a little while. I find that surrounding myself with something familiar really helps. Right now, I am wearing an old sweatshirt that my father gave me and it brings back such wonderful memories of the times we spent together. Another thing that helps is looking through old photographs of times I spent with friends and family. Having physical photographs I can hold rather than looking at them on a computer bring me more of a sense of calmness. Also, watching old movies or listening to music can stir sweet emotions.

You get the idea. Find something that is familiar to you; something that brings back lovely memories, and spend some time wearing it, looking at it, sitting in it – whatever it takes. See if those past, pleasant memories can help you through this time of uncertainty. All we’re looking for right now is getting through this one day at a time. Because with each day, we get closer to a cure, to some sort of normalcy, and to a time when we can look back at all this and tell our story of a lifetime.


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Objects are Smaller in the Rear-View Mirror

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When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, we all said things like:  2020 isn’t the end of the world, it’s the start of a new one.

I, for one, was very thankful for the unexpected time off. I felt like I had been given a gift to reevaluate my life; try some new adventures and finish some projects that I had put on the back burner. I was energized.

But now? 120 days into this pandemic with no end in sight? I’m wearing out.  I have to work harder each day to keep my positive attitude. I have to try harder to keep from being consumed by stress and uncertainty. So, to help calm the crazy, I play a game with myself. Maybe this will help you as well:

When I’m feeling scared and overwhelmed, I think of the rear-view mirror on my car. I know that sounds strange, but please play along with me. What do you see when you look into yours? Do you notice that the images in your rear-view mirror are distorted, smaller and even fading away? Well, that’s how I like to think about this pandemic. With each day that passes – I acknowledge that it is behind me, out of focus and getting smaller. Eventually, it will be out of sight.

So, I encourage you to think of tomorrow as a new start. Think of all this as preparation for what lies ahead.  Slowly but surely, we will shift our attention to our windshield, looking forward and focusing on what lies ahead. The past and what we see in the rear view mirror will only be a memory.


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Productivity During the Pandemic

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How’s your energy level these days? Are you feeling a little sluggish? Sleeping a little more than usual? Well, you’re not alone.

When this pandemic first started, it was a novel idea to work from home.  Wearing casual clothes every day was fun, and seeing the cat prance across your colleague’s desk as they were giving a presentation was certainly different. But now? Now it’s not so cute anymore. If I’m honest with myself, I’m tired and confused and have lost my energy. With this pandemic and the uncertainty of when things will get back to some sort of normal, I don’t have a definite time limit to complete my projects and I’ve certainly lost my focus.

So, if you’re in the same boat as me how do we fix it?

Well, here’s one tip that might help. You’ve probably heard this one before but it doesn’t hurt to review:

Start your day with the one thing you dread the most. Something that you need to do but, for some reason, haven’t gotten around to it. Make a point of finishing it first thing in the morning before you get sucked down the rabbit hole of emails and social media. If it’s part of a bigger project, at least you can get it started. Take a deep breath and just do it. That way you will get a sense of accomplishment and you don’t have to agonize over it all day long.

Well, that’s my plan. Starting tomorrow I will pick the one thing I dread the most and just get it done first thing in the morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Pandemic Partners

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Seriously, how are you holding up? As time marches on and we find ourselves spending more and more time isolated with our family, are you feeling closer to them – or like you want to strangle them? If you are honest with yourself, it’s probably a little bit of both.

We all know that connecting during this time of crisis is so important, yet it can be so challenging. Although I am enjoying some quality time with my husband, and Zooming with friends I haven’t seen in years, I find myself extremely lonely. I want to – no, NEED to – hug again. I want to feel comfortable moving through a crowd of people without reaching for my face mask or worrying about standing six feet apart.

So, I patiently wait for tomorrow, believing it will offer a new start. Hoping that the challenges we face today are part of the preparation we need for what lies ahead. I truly believe that the emotional exercises we are learning now are getting us ready for a stronger tomorrow. I know that I have learned to put many things in perspective and there is so much I will never take for granted again. Knowing that I picked the perfect Pandemic Partner is one of them.


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