A Date with my Dad

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Miracle on 34th Street.  That’s my favorite Christmas movie.


It could be any one of these reasons:

  • Natalie Wood is as cute as a button
  • The person who played Kris Kringle is a perfect Santa look-alike
  • The courtroom scene is quite clever to prove that there really IS a Santa Claus

Yes, it could be any one of those reasons, along with a dozen more.  But the real reason is because it was my Dad’s favorite.  Every year we would sit down in front of the TV, just the two of us, and watch it.  And if you think about it, that wasn’t so easy to plan.  This was before the days of DVDs, Netflix and On Demand.  So we actually had to scour the TV Guide, find the time the movie was playing and make a date of it.

Every single year my Dad would laugh out loud at the part where Santa bopped the psychiatrist on the head with his cane.  That was his favorite part.  I can still hear his laughter as though he was sitting right next to me.

So, I guess you could say that my favorite movie has nothing to do with the story at all.  It’s my favorite because of all the memories it brings back to me.  It makes me feel warm and snuggly and reminds me of a love that I am so lucky to have known.  A love of a father for his daughter.  Every year I try to capture that feeling.  I make a “date” with my Dad to watch the movie together.  And every year I swear I can hear him laughing out loud and feel his love surround me.

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Yep, I Do Believe


I really love this time of year!

It may sound hokey, but it’s true.  I think it’s because there are so many things that happen only during this season: holiday songs, plays, concerts, parades, and decorations everywhere you look.  The list goes on and on.

Once December is over, PUFF, it all gone.  Packed away and not touched again for another year.

It’s a time for remembering and making new memories.  I’m not one for traditions, but there is one thing I do every Christmas.  I watch the original movie: Miracle on 34th Street.  The one starring Natalie Wood as the little girl.  Since I can remember,  my father and I would watch this same movie every single year – just the two of us.  It was a time to feel loved and safe and peaceful.  It was a time to laugh and cry all at once.  Now when I watch this movie by myself, it’s almost like my father is sitting there right beside me, sharing his love and the magic all over again.

Yes, that’s a good word for it: magic.  During this season I can be a child once again.  To believe in the magic that surrounds us – all of us.  It’s a time to reach out to others and sincerely wish them happiness, to smile from your heart, to believe in kindness

I know it sounds sappy, but I can’t help it.  At this time of year, I look around at all the twinkling lights and the beautiful decorations, and I do believe.  I believe in the goodness and joyfulness that surrounds us every day.  Sometimes we have to look for it a little harder, but it’s always there.  The holidays just make it easier to find.

I sincerely wish you a magical holiday season.  No matter what your beliefs are, we can all use a little more magic in our lives.  When you find yours, don’t forget to share it with others.

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