Red Carpet Dreams

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As I watched the Academy Awards the other night, I heard several celebrities tell a similar story. It went something like this…

“As a kid, I watched the Academy Awards on TV. I never dreamed I would be walking down that red carpet myself someday.”

And it made me wonder. What is my red carpet?  What did I dream of as a kid?

Me? I wanted to be a professional ice skater!  For some reason, I knew about a famous figure skater named Sonja Henie.  She actually competed in the 1920s and 1930s, so I have no idea how I heard about her.  Maybe from my parents.  I’m not really sure.

All I remember is that I would lace up my ice skates, glide out onto the rink, and announce to the world: Here she is, Nancy Depcik, debuting as an Olympic figure skater. I could picture it, outfit and all, and I could hear the roar of the crowd.  That was my red carpet dream.

But my life took me down another path – one that did not include ice skates. However, it did include the excitement of a crowd and the energy of an audience.  So, as a professional speaker, I guess my ice rink became my stage, and I traded in my ice skates for a microphone.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely love what I do, sharing my message of positive thinking with all who will listen, helping people to see their life challenges a little differently, and to find happiness in the process.

Red carpet dreams really do come true, sometimes they just look a little differently than the one we imagined. What’s your story?  Do you have a red carpet dream?

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