Celebrating This Moment in Time

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It’s the beginning of a New Year; the beginning of a new decade. What will you do to make your mark on the next ten years?

WOW – that’s a very daunting thought! Very, very overwhelming!! So, in order to relieve the pressure of setting more goals, I’ve decided to look at this New Year a little differently. I’ve decided to stop, take a deep breath, turn around and see how far I have come. I’ve decided to take time to celebrate all the people and events and moments that I have experienced in the last year and give myself a pat on the back for all that I have accomplished.

I have come to realize that finding happiness is different for each of us. It doesn’t always mean reaching a goal or accomplishing something bigger and better. It doesn’t always mean being richer or thinner or smarter. Sometimes it’s just taking time to enjoy what you have right in front of you. Sometimes it’s saying: I’m happy where I am in this moment in time, no excuses and no explanations.

So that is my New Year wish for you: that you find your joy, embrace it, celebrate it and be happy for who you are. And if you find yourself in a place that is challenging, find that one thing – only one – that brings a smile to your face, if only for a minute or two, and celebrate that. Find your joy, whatever it may be, and celebrate it.



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The Absolution of Resolutions

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Here we go again.  I can’t believe another year has passed us by. 

Once again it’s a time for:

                                         A New Year

                                         New Beginnings

                                        New Resolutions

So very diligently, I sit down, take out a piece of paper and pen, and write down my New Year’s resolution for 2017.

Hmmmm.  This sounds really familiar.  Wait!  Isn’t this the same resolution I made last year?  The same one that I abandoned half-way through January???

Maybe it’s time to rethink this whole thing.  Maybe it’s time to look at this New Year’s resolution a little differently.   Let’s start with taking the word “should” out of our decision.  There’s lots of them: I should lose weight, I should save more money, I should spend more time with my family.  We can “should” ourselves to death.

So this year, I’m replacing my “should” with “want.”  What do I WANT to do this year to make myself happier, more fulfilled, and less stressed out? 

I’ve decided that I want to have more fun.  More evenings of laughter and smiles and just plain enjoying myself.  This year I’m going to ADD something to my resolution instead of taking something away.  Sure – I could stand to lose some weight, but what fun is that?  And if I’m lucky, maybe I can laugh some of those pounds off.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is to look at your resolutions, goals, or whatever you want to call them, a little differently.  Don’t make it such a chore.  As a wise person once told me: “Stop should-ing on yourself.”  This is a time for a new and improved year, loaded with opportunities just waiting to be discovered.  So as you sit down with your pen and paper – or laptop – and you begin your wish list for 2017, remember to focus on the good fortune that awaits you.   What can you do to prepare for all the exciting adventures in this New Year? 

For me, I say: “2017 – fasten your seatbelt because here I come!!!”  It’s going to be a great year!

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