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My good friend’s father just passed away unexpectedly.  He was only 72 years old.  This really hit me hard because I have two brothers who are older than 72.  And I wondered:

What if I knew they had only a short time to live?  Would I do anything differently?  Would I spend more time with them?

The obvious answer is “yes.”  But I wasn’t so quick to come to that conclusion.  What really came to mind was to spend intense time with them, not necessarily more time.  When we are together, I’d like to do more of the things they want to do, listen more intensely to the stories they want to tell, spend more time in their world.  I’d like to hug a little longer and actually say the words: “I love you.”

It’s not always that easy.  We all get caught up in our own worlds, our own challenges.  And in this day of instant everything, we feel pressured to get more done.  Something is always ringing, buzzing or dinging, demanding our attention.  It seems impossible to shut off all the sounds and the alarms that demand our time.

So this week when I visited my brother, I listened more intensely to his golf stories, laughed a little longer at the video he wanted to share with me, and put down my phone to look at pictures of his grand kids.  I doubt if he noticed any difference, but I feel comfort in knowing that I was more aware of the time we shared.  And more grateful I had another memory I could tuck away for future reference.

I am truly sorry for my friend’s loss.  I have no words to console her – only time can do that.  Soon her tears will be replaced with smiles of the memories she shared with her father.  And now, I too will have more intense memories of the ones I love.

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The Power of Gratitude – Phase 1


A simple little thing called the gratitude list actually transformed my life.

Has your life ever been turned upside down?  You know what I mean – when you are faced with the kind of challenge that is so great it feels like you’ve been socked in the stomach and you can hardly breathe.   You don’t know how you’re going to get out of bed in the morning to even put one foot in front of the other.  We’ve all been there, whatever your challenge may be.

For me, it was a 15 year relationship that suddenly ended, and through a series of circumstances, it lead me to losing my business, losing my home, and worst of all, losing myself!  I don’t have to tell you that my belief in myself and my self-confidence were shaken to the core.

But life has twists and turns, and years later my life took another turn that helped me to recreate myself and start over again.  I now have a successful career, welcoming home, and a loving marriage.  I can honestly say that a huge part of my transformation came from using a gratitude list every day.

During my darkest moments, it was really hard to find anything I was grateful for.  As awful as that may sound, it’s true.  I couldn’t think of anything good in my life– I could think of only what I had lost.  So every day for 30 days – that’s the trick – 30 days, I took out a pad of paper and pen and wrote down everything I was grateful for that day.   And as the days passed, I found that my list got longer and the things I was grateful for came easier to me.   At the end of the 30 days, I actually felt better.   And that’s all I wanted – to feel better.

I’m not kidding you.  This gratitude list really works.  So if you find yourself in a sad place – or even a happy one, try writing down what you are grateful for every day for 30 days.  Let me know how it goes.

I do believe there are three phases to gratitude and writing your gratitude list every day is the first phase.   I will share my thoughts on the other two phases in my next two blogs.

Happy writing; happy new discoveries!

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