I’ll Take a Mulligan, Please

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It’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow, and since he loves to play golf, I sent him an appropriate card with a golfer on the front. The saying inside said something about a mulligan, but since I have no idea what that means, I really didn’t pay any attention to the words. I bought the card for the photo on the front.

So, when my brother called me this morning, he asked me if I know what a mulligan is. I took a good guess but was totally wrong. So, he explained:

“A mulligan is when a golfer hits a bad shot and is given a chance to do it over again.”

What a concept! What a great idea!! I couldn’t help but think: what if we were given a mulligan in life? What if we were given a do-over when something crummy happens to us or we make a mistake.

As I think back on my life, there are lots of mulligans I’d like to take, but what if you only had one chance – one choice. What would your mulligan be? Let’s see, maybe I’d:

  • Study harder in college – Nah!
  • Learn to cook – I don’t think so!!
  • Save more money – Hardly!!!

The mulligans that come to mind are spending more time with friends and family, laughing a little longer, and even being a better friend myself. When I think of all the mulligans I’d like to cash in, they always revolve around people: loving more and laughing harder.

Don’t you just love that word “mulligan.” It opens up a lot of opportunities on how we can all play better in the game of life.


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