I Still Remember the Roses – And My Father’s Love

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It was over fifty years ago, yet I can remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday.

My father had a green thumb, and although we grew up in the city of Chicago with a VERY tiny back yard, he would have flowers blooming everywhere.  I can still see the bright yellow marigolds, the deep red geraniums, and the dark purple rooster cones.

But the most amazing flowers of all were the roses.  Two beautiful rose bushes that crept up the stone brick garage wall.  Every year, when the first rose bloomed, my Dad would gently cut it, put it in a glass and place it on the kitchen table.  In his beautiful handwriting, he would prop up a note saying: For My Princess.   He would do the same thing – same glass and same message – when the last rose of the garden bloomed.

When he died, I placed two roses on the pillow where he laid his head.  And to this day, I still leave a rose on his grave every time I visit him.

And now, in five days, it is Father’s Day.  I never realized what an impact he had on me when he was alive, and I never had the chance to thank him for all he sacrificed for me.   I only hope that I was able to bring a deep joy to his life, and that somehow he knew how deeply I loved him.

It’s amazing how we can impact another person’s life.  My Dad passed away in 1990 and I still remember how much he loved me and how safe he made me feel.  I was certainly one of the lucky ones to have such a loving, kind and amazing father.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

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