I’m Just Too Busy!!!

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“How are you?”


That seems to be the standard answer these days. At a time of instant everything – emails, text, twitter, facebook, instagram, and a whole bunch more – we have all become so overwhelmed and we struggle just to keep up.  We are busier now than ever before.

So when I decided to spend the day with my big brother, my first thought was:

YIKES!!! I don’t know if I can do this.  I just don’t have the time.

And that’s when I remembered the saying that goes something like this – no one ever goes to their grave wishing they had spent more time at work.

It’s so easy to say, but so, so hard to live by.

Many years ago when my mother was still alive, I would visit her weekly.   But every time I entered her room, the first thing out of my mouth was to tell her when I had to leave:

“Mom, I have to leave by noon to meet with a client”.

“Mom, I have to leave by 4:00 to avoid the rush hour traffic”.

Even though we were chatting and laughing and enjoying our time together, I always kept one eye on the clock.

Well, you know what? My mom is gone now and I can never visit her again.  And the sad thing is – I can’t even remember who that client was or what was so important that I couldn’t stay just a little longer with my mom.

So today, as I drive to the southwest suburbs of Chicago to visit my brother, I decide not to repeat the same mistake. Today I take a deep breath, shut off my computer, and decide not to look at the clock, or even my phone– not even once.  Today I will enjoy the time we have together, creating laughter and memories that will last me until the end of my time.

I don’t have any words of wisdom for you, and I don’t have any secrets to share. Just an acknowledgment that it is hard to carve out the time for everything we need to do – it is a conscience decision.  You just have to decide what is important to you – and you will find you own way.

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Google Your Mind

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I was listening to the radio the other day – yes, I still listen to the radio. My younger friends make fun of me, but I’m ok with that.

At any rate, the guy on the radio was talking about 2015, and mentioned the top five Google searches for this past year – Adele’s new album, the Paris attacks, Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner, and if you were searching today, you could probably add Star Wars to the list.

It got me thinking – what if I Googled my own mind for the events that made a difference in my personal life this past year?  What top five events would make my list?  Who are the people that I have touched and who touched me in return- possibly changing my life forever.

My list certainly would NOT be the same as the Google list. Even though I enjoy Adele’s music, I can’t say that it has made a profound difference in my world.

So I decided to take a few minutes, reflect and make a list of the top five positive turns my life has taken in 2015. I decided that I wanted to face the new year with a positive attitude, and that is where my focus lies.

At the top of my list, not surprisingly, are the new friends I have made along the way, and the old friendships that I have nurtured. And at the top of that list is my husband.  It’s so comforting to know that each and every day, there is someone who has my back.

Just as important is my family and the stronger ties that continue to build between my brothers and myself.  Rounding out my list would be having a profession that I love, going on my dream trip, and learning to live a more peaceful life.

Have you given any thought to what your personal top five Google list would be for 2015?  Even if you just have one, share it with me.  I’d love to hear what you absolutely loved about 2015.

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Celebrate – Anything


Yesterday was my birthday, and I took the entire day off just to celebrate and do all the things that I love.

When was the last time you celebrated something – for yourself! Of course, we take the time to celebrate birthdays for our kids, and anniversaries for our parents, but when was the last time you really said “whoo-hoo” to yourself.

I’ve heard so many people say: “Oh, I’m too old for that” or “I just don’t celebrate birthdays anymore” and I think:

How sad!

How sad it must be to give up on celebrating your life – on celebrating being alive.

I have to tell you that the very best part of my birthday was all the good wishes I got from my friends and family. All the cards and phone calls really made my day, knowing that they took time out of their busyiness to just stop and say “Happy Birthday – I’m thinking of you”.

That warm feeling and that smile on my face, is exactly what I will return to them when it’s their turn to celebrate, whatever it may be. And there’s no excuse for forgetting anymore, thanks to Google calendar and all the other gadgets out there that help us remember everything that is important.

So go ahead, put your own birthday on that Google calendar and remind yourself that this is your day to celebrate, in any way you want – in any way that will make you happy. Take a moment and just yell:

Whoo-hoo, I’m alive!

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