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Today is the first day of spring.  As I wrap my scarf around my neck, slip on my down-filled coat and reach for my gloves, I wonder “What happened???”  It’s more than half-way through March and I’m tired of being cold.  My feet have been freezing for the last four months. 

So, being the queen of positive attitude, how do I turn this around?  How do I find something good in this?

I know!  I’ll play a game.  Something fun that I learned from my good friend, Mary Helen.  Here’s how it goes:

Find a pocket of time when you can explore and embark on a new adventure. 

Climb into your car.  Drive in any direction for 20 minutes.  When you come to a stop sign, flip a coin.  Heads you turn right; tails you turn left.  Drive another 20 minutes, and when you stop, flip the coin again.  Heads you turn right; tails you turn left.  Drive 20 minutes again.  Then stop, get out, and explore the area.  Of course, first and foremost, make sure it’s safe.  When you have decided it’s an OK place to explore, tighten up those shoe laces and walk around the area.  You’ll discover all sorts of new things.

Now, feel free to adjust the time so it fits your surroundings –  you get the idea.

And if you don’t have a car, or you’d like a little variety, try this game on foot.  You can discover new neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, trails, parks – the list is endless.

So when you’re ready for a little adventure, and lots of fun, give this game a try.  Make it your own.  The end goal is to have fun and discover new sites you didn’t even know existed. 

As soon as the cold wind stops blowing and the mud dries up a little, this is the first adventure I’m going to take.  Hopefully warmer weather will be here by June!!! 

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Discover Your Adventure

Professional Speaker-Personal Development-Positive Attitude

I walked into a sporting goods store the other day and saw this poster.  It stopped me in my tracks.  Not because of the picture – my idea of camping is spending the night at my friend’s house instead of in my own bed.  But the words “Never Stop Exploring” really hit a chord with me.

What a great concept!  Can you imagine waking up every morning with the attitude that every  day is an adventure and something to be discovered, explored and experienced.

The good, the bad and the ugly.  No matter what is waiting for you.  Reach out to taste it, feel it, and learn from it.  I wonder if this would have made a difference when I was going through a really dark time in my life.  I wonder if it would have made it easier to get up and look for that new job, search for a new home or sit across that desk from the bankruptcy judge.   I wonder if thinking of the day as a new adventure, no matter what it was, would have made that journey of my life a little easier.   

I’ll never know, but you can be sure that there are more challenges yet to come.  Life is a roller coaster and you never know what’s around the next curve.   So all we can do is hold on tight and


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