If You Could Do It All Over Again

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What is your do-over? C’mon, I know you have at least one. Is there something you did or didn’t do; something you said or didn’t say, and you would like another chance to do it differently?

For me, I wish I would have asked my father about his garden. It sounds so simple, yet something I never did. He took great pride into covering every bit of ground in our front yard with brilliant geraniums and beautiful marigolds. I’d love to know why he enjoyed it so much; why did he find such peacefulness there.  More than anything I would love to connect with him over something he enjoyed doing so much.

So, if I could do it all over again, that would be it — I would ask my dad about his flowers and what he loved about it so much. Why he found such joy in that small but mighty garden in front of our city home. I did not inherit my Father’s green thumb, but what I do treasure are all the beautiful flowers in my yard that my husband has planted. Maybe, in some form, I am entering into my father’s world, seeing the beauty that he planted year after year, and absorbing some of the peacefulness he must have known through his own garden.

Yes, that would it. That would definitely be one of my do-overs.


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