The Sweet Sound of Laughter

It was one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. As I was slowly waking from my nap, I could hear my husband and my brother laughing hysterically. About what? I have no idea! And it didn’t matter because all I heard was the two men I love most in this world forming a closer relationship.

It all started about six months ago when my husband announced: “I have a great idea. Let’s take a driving trip to the Badlands and Black Hills with your two brothers.” I immediately called them both and was anxious to put the plans in motion. Unfortunately, my oldest brother could not make the trip, so it would be just the three of us forging a new adventure and creating new memories. We decided to travel together for only five days and agreed on a trip consisting of:

Breakfast / Driving / Lunch / Driving / Sightseeing / Driving / Dinner / Driving

You get the idea. Would the three of us survive each other’s company inside a small Acura? Only time would tell. Up until now, we always got along but that was at family gatherings that only lasted a few hours. How would we emerge at the end of a five-day journey, spending nearly 24/7 together?

So, that’s why I loved hearing the sound of my husband and brother laughing. Not only had we survived five full days together, we were all closer because of it. I emerged from this trip with a new appreciation for time and how we choose to spend it. I have a new patience and outlook on family gatherings and the effort we put into strengthening those relationships. For me, get-togethers with family and friends will never be the same again.

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