Instinct – aka: That Feeling in the Pit of Your Stomach

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In last week’s blog post, I told you about the bird’s nest I found hidden in the flower pot right outside my front door.

Well, this week I’m thrilled to announce that the babies have arrived!

When I first saw them all curled up together, I couldn’t help but whisper in a sing-song voice:

“Good Morning”.

Suddenly, six hungry mouths opened wide. It was absolutely hysterical!!!

It truly amazed me – how did this little bird know how to build this nest, and more importantly, find a safe place to hide it? How did she learn to protect her babies?

Instinct – that’s all I could think of.

And you know what? We have that same instinct inside of us. It’s that feeling we get in the pit of our stomach, telling us that something isn’t quite right.

It might be:
Don’t walk down that dark street – it doesn’t feel safe
Don’t take this job – it’s not what you’re looking for
Don’t stay in this relationship – you can definitely do better

The trick is to listen to it. Sure, you can come up with lots of excuses to ignore it. But I’m guessing, just like that little bird knows how to protect her babies, you also know how to protect yourself. You know what’s best for your own survival.

Pay attention to that feeling in your gut, listen to that inner voice. It may know you better than you know yourself.

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You Never Know What You’ll Find

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Now this may not seem like a big deal to you, but for a city girl like me, it’s HUGE!

A couple of days ago I walked onto my porch to water the flower pot right outside my front door. As I looked down, there it was, hidden beneath the geraniums. A small bird’s nest with six tiny eggs.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. To see life in its rawest form…
So new
So fresh
So vulnerable

It brought tears to my eyes. At first, I didn’t understand my reaction, but after some thought, I realized that it reminded me of my life only six short years ago.

It was a time of great loss for me and I wondered how I would survive. But piece by piece I began to create a new life. And with time, I found that I was like those new eggs in the nest. It was a time for:
New beginnings
New possibilities

I had no idea where my new life would take me, or who I would become in the process. It was scary and confusing and exhilarating all at the same time.

But with lots of support from my friends and family, my rawness blossomed into a new career, a new home and a new love.

So every day I check on the eggs in the nest on my front porch. I’m careful not to get too close because I know how fragile they are. And each day they remind me of the possibilities in front of me – in front of all of us.

After all, the future doesn’t lie ahead of you waiting to happen, it lies deep inside of you waiting to be discovered.

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