Life’s Too Short for Annoying People

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This morning I shared a cup of coffee and some great conversation with a dear friend of mine.

She told me that she just celebrated her 19 year anniversary with the love of her life. As a gift, she decided to write 19 reasons why she still loved him – one reason for each year they were together.  It was truly a precious gift.

That gave me an idea. What if I flip the switch and think about the people in my life who actually annoy me? You know what I’m talking about – it could be that co-worker who won’t stop chatting, or that boss who doesn’t give you credit for all your hard work, or that friend who only talks about herself and never asks how you are doing?

What if I take a closer look at all those people who tend to aggravate me and list just 5 things that are good about them? It could be something as simple as “they have a sweet smile” or something more obvious like “they bring brownies to work for everyone to enjoy.” I could even work on substituting words for their annoying behavior, like:

  • Cheap could be replaced by Thrifty and Budget Minded
  • Gossipy could be replaced by Informative
  • Unfocused could be replaced by Unpredictable and Fun

It just may help you see them in a different light. If nothing else, it can turn your annoyance into tolerance.  I’m not sure if it will work, but I’m willing to give it a try. What do you think? Are you willing to join me by looking at the annoying people in your life a little differently? The photo I’ve included can work as a wordsmith to help get you started. Let me know how it goes.


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Does Someone Annoy You to Death???

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“She drives me CRAZY!”

Do you know anyone like that? Someone who annoys the beejeebies out of you?  Maybe they’re arrogant, maybe they only talk about themselves, or maybe they are so overly bubbly that you just want to smack them!

We’ve all known someone like that, and a few days ago I was talking to my good friend Paul, complaining about someone who just rubbed me the wrong way. He listened patiently, then kindly, gently replied:

“What if you look at that annoying person with a fresh perspective? Look for her strengths and focus on those. Instead of adopting and internalizing what she says, try to adapt it and see how you can use it to become a better person.”

Now there’s an idea!!!

I never thought of it that way. After all, we each have our own story, our own struggles.  And I believe that many times those annoying habits are a result of protecting ourselves from the pain we have suffered in the past – overcompensating in some way.

So I’ve decided to test Paul’s theory and the next time I encounter that annoying, arrogant, bubbly person, I’m going to look for their strengths and focus on that. I don’t know if it will work because I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s worth a shot.   And if you get to test out this theory before I do, please share your experiences with us.  We can all learn from each other.

And in the meantime, let’s hope that we aren’t one of those annoying people that others are talking about!!!

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