Sibling Similarities – or NOT!


It never dawned on me before. Not until my brothers were visiting me this past week-end, that we never know how much we influence others. We never know what impact we have made in someone’s life – sometimes for the good, and sometimes the not-so-good.

As the three of us reminisced about our childhood, we all had such different memories, such different experiences. It’s almost like we were raised by different people, but we weren’t. We were all raised by the same parents in the same neighborhood in the same house.

One thing was constant, though – we certainly had a deep connection to each other. Not even the 14 year age difference could diminish that.

We hiked out to Picnic Point in Madison and it was an absolutely glorious day. When we got to the end of the trail, I noticed a tree leaning over, ready to fall.   The only thing that held it together was its roots, strong and firm and unwavering – just like my love for my brothers. Nothing can ever take that away from me.

And for that, I thank my parents. Somehow, someway, through all their differences, sometimes for the good and sometimes the not-so-good, they gave us the roots we need to bond and love and laugh and create memories for a lifetime. Thank you Mom and Dad.

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4 thoughts on “Sibling Similarities – or NOT!”

  1. What a wonderful weekend it was. I’ve always said that no two people are born into the same family – even though the parents may be the same as well as the siblings. There are too many variables that are constantly changing from year to year and even day to day. But you are absolutely correct, one of the most important treasures a family can give you is a strong bond with each other. Although our family experiences may not have been the same in so many ways, and although we had very different challenges throughout our own lives, we have stayed strong as a family – and that’s what’s most important – a strong foundation, no matter how each of ours was built.

  2. Nancy says:

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy a good relationship with their brothers and/or sisters. If you are one of the lucky ones, my wish is that you recognize it and enjoy every single minute of it. Do you have any lovely sibling memories to share?

  3. judy Spriggs says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Finally catching up with emails and wanted to let you know how moving this particular blog was to me. I know your brothers and some of your other family members and am impressed by them all – as I am with you!



    1. Nancy says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Judy. I am surrounded by great family and friends, including you. One of the greatest treasures in life is the relationships you build – they will get you through anything!

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