Products for Professional & Personal Development

The following products are designed to help you achieve Unshakable Success in your personal and professional life. They’re also great to share with your entire business team. We hope you enjoy them!


Gratitude Book

Being grateful for what you have in your life can bring you peace, joy and comfort. If you commit to just 30 days of writing down all you are grateful for, you will see a positive change in your attitude toward life. Inside this book you’ll find 30 inspirational quotes, followed by three pages where you can write down and focus on all the positive things in your life. Each quote is powerful and uplifting — touching on friendship, success, courage and more.  Now, all you need is a pen and a commitment to 30 days of being grateful. Our Gratitude Book is an excellent personal development tool!

Price: $20


Gratitude Cards

Sharing your gratitude with others can bring so much joy into their life, as well as your own. A few ways of showing gratitude include:

  • Thanking a friend for their love and support
  • Reaching out to someone who needs a kind word
  • Thanking someone for lending a helping hand

Inside the Gratitude Cards package you’ll find 30 individual cards and envelopes. Each card features an inspirational quote touching on friendship, courage, success and more. Be creative and mail one today. Such a simple act of gratitude can make a profound difference in someone’s life.

Price: $20


How to Have an Extraordinary Year (CD)

Imagine having a year filled with unshakable confidence, unshakable courage and Unshakable Success. In this exclusive radio interview with Mid-West Family Broadcasting, Nancy shares unique tips you can start using today to find more fulfillment in your life and bring joy into every day. This CD is an invaluable tool for both personal and professional development — helping you reach your next level of achievement.

Price: $20


How to Get More Business (CD)

Do you want to improve your sales techniques and gain more business? Through the strategies Nancy shares on this CD, you’ll learn successful techniques for taking your business, and your professional development, to the next level. This radio interview by Million Dollar Mindset is perfect for any leader, manager or sales executive.

Price: $20