Hit the Refresh Button on Life

Have you ever wanted to hit the refresh button on your life?  You notice that I said refresh and not restart.  I asked my good friend, Joey, if he thought there was a difference, and without hesitation he said:

“Yes, there’s a huge difference.  Restart is erasing what you have and starting over again.  Refresh is enhancing what you already have.”

I like that explanation, so that is why I’m choosing the refresh button at this point of my life.

I have this great opportunity to go to Wallingford, England for one month.  It is unexpected, and most welcomed.  I need a time out to walk away from all the piles that are sitting on my desk.  You know what I’m talking about  – those piles you may find on your kitchen countertop, your bedroom dresser, or wherever you have found room for them.  It’s all those unread magazines you’re hanging onto, the recipes you promise yourself you’re going to try someday, and so many other unfinished projects.  We all have them.

Every day I try to chip away at that pile, but I swear that it seems to grow.  I can’t get control over it.  So now, I’m going to walk away from them for one month and clear the clutter that’s in my mind.  I want to open up some space to see what creative ideas and thoughts will pop into my head.

You may not have an opportunity to take a 30 day “time-out”, so try a 30 minute “time-out”.  Free up some space in your mind today and see what creative juices start flowing.

One technique that works for me is to actually write my “time out” on my calendar.  Maybe it’s taking that new class at the gym, or sharing an ice-cream sundae with someone special.  Try it – mark it on your calendar and stick to it.  Treat it like any other appointment.   Who knows – you just may learn something new about yourself.

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10 thoughts on “Hit the Refresh Button on Life”

  1. Great concept, Nancy! Although a month would be great, stepping away from your daily routine by adding a timeout appointment on your calendar actually gives you permission. Whether its Yoga or walking, you come back refreshed and clear headed.

  2. Nancy, the idea of scheduling a time out makes sense. I guess many of us tend to think, “When I get this done, I’ll take some time for me.” It’s easy to jump from one task to the next, hardly taking breath. It’s not good for us physically, spiritually — or creatively!

    1. Nancy says:

      Taking a “time out” takes dedication and concentration. Every day I start out with good intentions, but I don’t always follow through. Today is a good day, though, and I’m taking my “time out” right now. I’m lacing up my shoes and going for a walk on this beautiful day.

  3. Refresh without guilt is great, Nancy. I set a timer to do certain tasks that I don’t like – such as cold call emails. I now will set a timer for my break too so I can relax and revive without the guilt. Thanks!

  4. Emily Weber says:

    Looking forward to following your blog! I have started taking 30 minute evening walks, even when I don’t have time. Thank you for reminding us that it is important to create that space for ourselves.

  5. Hitting the “pause button” is truly essential to my life and has allowed me to feel more centered and energized each day! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful trip to England!

    I’m sure you’ll come back refreshed! 🙂

  6. Amy Segami says:

    Refresh, in technical term, means reload and update.

    Get rid what is no longer relevant and incorporate what is important, for now. It’s taking a break 2.0

    Great metaphors.

  7. Nancy says:

    I hope you are taking the time for your daily “time out”. Notice – I said taking the time. We have to remember to schedule it or it may never happen. It’s just as important to refresh our spirit as anything else we have on our to-do list today.

  8. IrishmanSpeaks says:

    Ah! That pic makes me thirsty! Looking forward to your insights.

  9. karla says:

    sounds good, nancy!! I know those piles all too well!

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