Having the Courage to Believe in Yourself

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UGH!!! Here we go again!

Summer is here. My closet is filled with the cutest summer outfits EVER. And I can’t find anything to wear. I’ve gained enough weight over the winter that I can’t fit into any of them.

It seems like I’m constantly saying “no” to all those tempting sweets, but the scale on my bathroom floor says otherwise.

How could I let this happen? Why don’t I have more self-control?? I hate the way I look!!!


If I start feeling this way about myself, I open the door to let others see me this way. I allow others to doubt my confidence and my belief in myself.

It’s time to flip the switch. It’s time to start over again, take control, and tell myself that “today will be a better day”.

So I sit up straight, take a deep breath, and recommit to my goal for today. Whether it’s doing a better job at the office, finding more time for the ones I love, or figuring out how to fit into those white jeans in the next couple of weeks. I will look at the bright side and tell myself “I can do this”. And just as important, I will find the courage to ask others for help when I need it.

It was Mary Anne Radmacher who said: “Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying: I will try again tomorrow”.

What does your tomorrow look like?

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2 thoughts on “Having the Courage to Believe in Yourself”

  1. Mary Helen says:

    Sooooo true. Great post Nancy. Each moment is a choice.

  2. Nancy Depcik says:

    And you have to make that choice every day. Make no mistake about that! The way you CHOOSE to see your day will have a great impact on how it unfolds.

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