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Finally, I went to the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan.  For years I’ve wanted to go to this event.  I even put the date on my calendar.  And every year it slipped past me.  Life just seemed to get in the way and it was pushed to the bottom of my list.  But not this year!  Even with the daunting weather forecast, I pulled up my rain boots, packed my umbrella, and pointed my car toward Holland, Michigan. 

And what a beautiful sight it was.  Fields and fields of tulips in every direction you look, in every color you can imagine.  Shapes like I have never seen before. 

It made me wonder, why did it take me so long?  Why did I allow excuses to get in the way of such a wonderful experience?

I understand that sometimes life happens and we have to postpone or reschedule things we’d like to do, but there’s a huge difference between life getting in the way and excuses getting in OUR way.  There are so many times when I’ve had a great idea and, for some reason, I fail to follow through.  Maybe I talk myself out of it because I just don’t want to deal with the details – or maybe there are times when I just get lazy.

So right now, this very minute, I’m going to try something new.  I’m making a list of three things, only three,  that I promise myself I will do this summer.  Here goes:

  1.       Ride the Betty Lou boat at sunset.
  2.      Pack a picnic basket for one of the concerts on Capitol Square instead of buying food at a concession stand.
  3.       Visit Washburn Conservatory for one of their events.

I’m limiting it to three because I feel it’s more manageable.  The idea is to have fun and not feel overwhelmed.

So what about you?  Do you have at least one thing you’d like to do this summer?  Something you’ve been putting off?  Write it down and share it with a friend.  Heck, you can even share it with us.  Then post a photo or comment and let us know how it felt to finally throw those excuses out the window.

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