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Seven years ago, Nancy Depcik lost everything. Her partner left, taking away the business, money, house, and a large chunk of Depcik’s self-worth and self-esteem. After grieving and soul searching, Depcik found what she needed to rebuild her life, and what any small business owner needs to keep growing: a positive mindset.

Through her company, Unshakable Success, a business coaching and personal development firm, she works with small businesses to improve employee morale and increase sales using positive thinking techniques.

“I think positivity is key in all phases of your life,” says Depcik. “If you’re a positive person, you’re going to be happier and your clients will feel that same passion about your product or service.”

But in the face of rejection and trying to keep a business alive, why should a small business owner or entrepreneur focus on happiness? Decic shares these tips on how a positive mindset can grow your business.

Take the “Gratitude Challenge.” Make a list every day for 30 days about what you’re grateful for. You’ll find a new perspective on what you already have, and sharpen your discipline. “It becomes a habit, where no matter how challenging the situation is, you’ll find a bright spot,” explains Depcik.

Shift your mindset from waiting to getting. “I don’t hear ‘no,’ I hear ‘maybe,’ ” says Depcik.

“It’s all in the mindset. Sometimes we think that client told me ‘no’ and I don’t want to bother them again.” Stop telling yourself no, advises Depcik. Instead, she says, think off ways you can better listen to your client to serve their needs and keep your name in front of them. If you find an article that you think your client or a lead would find helpful, send it along, with a note that says, “Thinking of you.” But be careful. Don’t be a pest. Also, giving a memento through snail mail is truly memorable.

Activate the law of attraction [SL1] . A positive attitude affects customer relationships. When you’re a happier person, other people want to be around you. “Imagine that! Imagine your clients want to be around you,” says Depcik. The more positive you are with your customers, the
stronger your relationship will be and you may develop more business with them.

Remove negativity from your life. Depcik replaced negative people, thoughts and media with positive books, videos and movies. “It really helped me shut off all the ‘no’ that I was hearing, and move forward with my own dream, my own passion,” recalls Depcik.

Be confident and resilient: When you meet a client, your best-selling strategy is to listen first. “Don’t start with your sales pitch,” she says, “ask questions first.” And don’t become discouraged if they don’t want to do business with you. You’re building rapport, so look in your client or customer’s eyes and show that you really care about their problems. Depcik encourages face-to-face meetings over e-mail, too.

Ignore the naysayers: When Depcik started Unshakable Success, negativity came out in droves. “You’re too old, nobody pays for this, you aren’t going to find people to hire you,” she recalls hearing. “I had to stop talking to some people who were telling me I can’t do this, and start replacing them with people who supported me.”

Adapting a positive mindset can push you to extraordinary success. Starting with something as ordinary as gratitude can turn your attitude around, which can turn your business around. The key is to remember that you determine your attitude and how you interpret a situation. Drop your ego, listen to your clients, add a personal touch and jump on opportunities, and you’ll be on your way to increased sales and unshakable growth.

Original article publihed on American Family.