Overcoming the NO’s in Your Life


How many times have you heard the word NO:

No, I don’t need your service

No, you don’t qualify for that loan

No, I just don’t have time to meet with you

After awhile, all those NO’s begin to beat you down, and that’s when some of the most damaging NO’s of all begin to surface – the NO’s you tell yourself:

No, I don’t have enough experience

No, I’m not smart enough

No, I’m just not good enough

They cause you to set limits on your own possibilities, on your own dreams, and on your own expectations of all you can accomplish.

So how do you shut off all those “NO’s”? Well, think of it this way. Picture yourself going up an escalator. If you hold on tight to the railing and don’t let go, you can’t advance to the next level. The harder you hold on, the worse it is. You can even fall backwards and never move forward.

That railing is all the “NO’s” you hear throughout the day. Let go of them, get off at the next level, and be ready to experience the best you can be at this very moment.

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One comment on “Overcoming the NO’s in Your Life”

  1. Geryl Kramer says:

    I remember when you were student teaching and you wanted a specific school- you had to pick 3 choices and the school you wanted was all filled up. You didn’t take no for an answer- you listed that school as all 3 of your choices and you got it

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