Celebrating This Moment in Time

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It’s the beginning of a New Year; the beginning of a new decade. What will you do to make your mark on the next ten years?

WOW – that’s a very daunting thought! Very, very overwhelming!! So, in order to relieve the pressure of setting more goals, I’ve decided to look at this New Year a little differently. I’ve decided to stop, take a deep breath, turn around and see how far I have come. I’ve decided to take time to celebrate all the people and events and moments that I have experienced in the last year and give myself a pat on the back for all that I have accomplished.

I have come to realize that finding happiness is different for each of us. It doesn’t always mean reaching a goal or accomplishing something bigger and better. It doesn’t always mean being richer or thinner or smarter. Sometimes it’s just taking time to enjoy what you have right in front of you. Sometimes it’s saying: I’m happy where I am in this moment in time, no excuses and no explanations.

So that is my New Year wish for you: that you find your joy, embrace it, celebrate it and be happy for who you are. And if you find yourself in a place that is challenging, find that one thing – only one – that brings a smile to your face, if only for a minute or two, and celebrate that. Find your joy, whatever it may be, and celebrate it.



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One Wish for All

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Wherever this day may find you, whatever your beliefs may be, I wish you lots of smiles and laughter and love and hope for a future that is yet to be revealed. May the twists and turns of life take you down a path where you will find someone to reach out a helping hand. And once you have found a place where you can take a breath and enjoy the scenery along the way, may you reach out your own hand and help someone else who may have lost their way.

Here’s to the magic and peace of every day.



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Share Your Magic

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I really love this time of year!

It may sound hokey, but it’s true. I think it’s because there are so many things that happen only during this season: holiday songs, plays, concerts, parades, and decorations everywhere you look. The list goes on and on.

Once December is over, PUFF, it’s all gone. Packed away and not touched again for another year.

I can still remember when I was a little girl, my father and I would watch the original movie: Miracle on 34th Street – every single year – just the two of us. It was a time to feel loved and safe and peaceful. It was a time to laugh and cry all at once. Now when I watch this movie by myself, it’s almost like my father is sitting there right beside me, sharing his love and the magic all over again.

Yes, that’s a good word for it: magic. During this season I can be a child once again. To believe in the magic that surrounds us – all of us. It’s a time to reach out to others and sincerely wish them happiness, to smile from your heart, to believe in kindness.

I know it sounds sappy, but I can’t help it. At this time of year, I look around at all the twinkling lights and the beautiful decorations, and I do believe. I believe in the goodness and joyfulness that surrounds us every day. Sometimes we have to look for it a little harder, but it’s always there. The holidays just make it easier to find.

I sincerely wish you a magical holiday season. No matter what your beliefs are, we can all use a little more magic in our lives. When you find yours, don’t forget to share it with others.

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Yes, I Said It: Try Something New

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The holiday season is upon us in full blast!

Cooking! Decorating!! Shopping!!! You barely have time to catch your breath. So, what I’m about to tell you may not make any sense…

Find some time this holiday season to try something new!

Yes, that’s right. I’m challenging you to STOP, take a breath, don’t worry about everything and everyone else, and find some time for a little fun. Carve out a few minutes to enjoy a little laughter.

Every year I promise myself that I will try one new thing at the holidays. This year, I’m going to see the lights at my local zoo. I’ve gathered up a few friends, checked the weather, and off we go.

If you are not sure what’s going on in your area, contact the almighty Google and find festivities that are close to you. It doesn’t have to cost any money. There could be a tree lighting ceremony, a shopping mall that is all lit up for the holidays, or just taking a drive in your neighborhood and see all the houses that are decorated. Sometimes, it’s the things that are in our own back yard that we take for granted and never stop to actually enjoy them.

The point is to take a “time out” from all the holiday craziness and find something that makes your heart smile. And please, share your experience with us. We just may be able to add a few new things to our own list for next year’s season.


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Just Choose Already

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It’s that time of year again. It’s the holidays and a time of giving and laughing and celebrating and feeling overwhelmed and being totally stressed out. These mixed feelings often happen all in the same day – heck, all in the same hour!!! So, what do we do about it? How can we take a breath and truly enjoy this magical time of the year when we feel like pulling our hair out?


Yes, that’s right. You get a chance to choose. When you wake up in the morning, stop, look around and decide how you want to spend the day. Didn’t realize you had a choice? Well, think again. Every single morning, when you wake up, you decide how you want to spend that day. Will it be filled with wonder or weighed down with stress?

Now, we all know that we can’t control the circumstances that surround us. We can’t make that holiday gift suddenly appear once we realize that every single store, online or off, doesn’t have it in stock anymore. We can’t make the holiday dinner cook itself. But what we can do is realize that most of our holiday stress is not a life or death situation. And I guarantee that it will not the worst thing that ever happened to us. We will survive and I promise you that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

So, make no mistake about it, every single day of your life you get to choose – and you are the only one who can do it. Now, you’ve already heard this information a million times before so what are you going to do with it? Will you actually choose to have a glorious day? Personally, right now I’m choosing to meet a friend for dinner. All my emails and decorating and endless holiday shopping will just have to wait one more day. I will raise my wine glass to you, wishing you the choice of a stress-free season.


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