The Emotional Side of Working from Home

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Flexibility / Loneliness / Comfort / Isolation / Independence / Disconnection

What do these words have in common?

Working from home, that’s what!

At first, it sounds like such a great idea, but if you are home day after day, it can become extremely lonely. By nature, we are social creatures and crave interaction with other human beings. We like sharing our successes with others, and asking for their help when we are stuck.

I believe that’s why coffeehouses are overflowing with people and co-working spaces are popping up all over the place. They are filled with individuals of all ages who gather together to work independently. There’s something about surrounding ourselves with commotion that assures us we are not alone.

Don’t get me wrong – there are days I really like working at home, especially with this crazy weather we’re having. I’m thrilled that I don’t have to drive in the snow and ice. But sitting alone in my home office every single day takes its toll on me.

So, what do you do? How do you know if working at home is right for you? First of all, if you have the luxury of making that decision, test it out and see what works for you. It took me some time to realize that I start to fade after lunch. So that’s when I pack up my laptop and head to the local library or coffeehouse. I actually decide the day before which one I will go to depending on my work load. If I need a quiet place to write a speech or proposal, it’s the library. Emails? That’s a coffeehouse project. Either way, I have the interaction I need that helps get me through the work day.

Just know that there is good and bad in everything. Working at an office or from home with have its ups and downs. The most important thing is loving what you do. Everything else will fall in place.

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That One Person

Professional Speaker-Personal Development-Positive Attitude

There are people in our lives who have made all the difference in the world. Without their influence, we would not be where we are today. They are the ones who didn’t ASK if we needed help, they just showed up when no one else seemed to understand. They were the ones to grab our hand and guide us through the darkness. The sad part is, they may not even know of the impact they have made on our lives.

Last night I spoke to a group of teens on the topic of gratitude. As I talked to them about reaching out to say thank you to those who have helped them, it suddenly popped out of my mouth: “And they may not even be aware of the influence they have had on you. Please be sure to tell them.”

As I drove home, it made me think about those who have shaped my life. About those who fill my heart with so much gratitude that I have no words to express it. Funny, it’s not always the people you would expect. Sometimes, it’s those hiding in the shadows that can see your pain, feel your loneliness, and lead you to a safe place where you can finally breathe again.

Are you getting a picture in your head of someone who’s help was so profound that it literally changed your life? If so, reach out to them now. They probably have no idea of how something they said or did eased your confusion. Don’t wait another minute. In an email, text, card or better yet, face-to-face, tell them.

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